Our company

Ortho-prosthetists, we receive our patients in our offices Tourcoing and Calais, we also work in many institutions in the region NORD-PAS-DE-CALAIS such as rehabilitation centers, medical and educational institutions, hospital consultations.

We specialize in the design, manufacture and application of orthopedic devices on molding or measures, are the categories Large equipment (braces, prostheses, ...) and Small equipment (belts on measures insoles , ...).
We operate after you have consulted with a physician (large appliances) or general (small appliances).

We receive you in our offices by appointment only.

Our offices

12 rue Salembien 59200 TOURCOING - FRANCE

50 quater avenue Blériot 62100 CALAIS

Contact us by phone:
+ 33 320 273 386

Or email : contact@orthopedie-enligne.fr